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Support Antharbhaava’s mission in making a difference in

the life of persons with special needs.

All donations are eligible for exemption under 80G of the IT Act.


Online donations can be made to :

Antharbhaava Foundation.

a/c number 37250003024.
IFSC Code SBIN0003286.

Donate for our current  requirements

​(Updated 30th Jan 2020)


For My Store Next Door

  • Display Dispensers with stand for groceries, steel and                                glass containers for flour, batter etc. approx  Rs.2,00,000

  • Trolleys 2 numbers-   Rs.10000

  • New Aprons,IDs and footwear    Rs.10,000

  • Cane baskets for fruits and vegetables display  Rs.8000

  • New bins for waste management    Rs.5000


Donate once

Rs.100 can change the life of Ms. Ratna, an employee with special needs working at Antharbhaava.

It can buy her a 100 tomato saplings. 

Ratna will plant the saplings, work in the farm and in 45 days the yield will fetch her an income that will add purpose to her life.

Donate a small amount monthly

Contribute Rs.100 a month for a year. 

This will buy a good chair for

Mr. Sridhar, an employee of Antharbhaava paper bag making unit.

Which he will use to sit on comfortably and make paper bags.

Give Collectively

Collectively if a group of 10 people contribute Rs.100 a month, it can buy a trolley for Mr. Shanmugam.

 The trolley will help him deliver groceries from My Store Next Door, the retail stores of  Antharbhaava, to the customers.

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